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School Program Book (email – actual text)
Jim, everyone was very complimentary about the Commemorative Booklet last night especially the sponsors! Tons of them went home (we didn’t have too many to bring back), and they weren’t left on tables like you often see at events where people scan through it but don’t take it home.

Thanks so much for all that you did in making it so successful. The insert idea was great and your idea to print it on the different paper stock made it work very well.I think this is one of the finest booklets that ACT or AEF has done and I hope people keep it as a souvenir of a great year. It was a wonderful event last night; thanks again for the great job you did in helping make it successful!

School Legal Problems – Major university had problems with families of students suing the school when the students flunked out. We paid the money, and the school failed us. The school did not want the parents to sign a special form. I suggested printing a calendar with general information plus policies. In this way the school made known the terms and conditions without making an issue.

Sorority – Participated in national competition to produce a chapter history book. Worked with 2 chapters, Omega Omega, and RTO. Helped with design and layout. Omega Omega won first prize… RTO won second prize.

Manufacturer – printed 2 labels for each bottle of lubricant that was supplied with each machine. Applied 20,000 labels by hand. Looking at the plastic bottle, noticed that one side had a indent shape over about 60% of the front of the  bottle. Since there were only a few lines printed on the back label, suggested that this information be put on the front label. Noticing that the label on the front was close to the size of the indent of the plastic bottle, I suggested that the label be produced in the same shape as the bottle indent. Then the label, when applied, could be aligned with the indent. This saved applying a back label and made applying the front label easy.

Pillow / Sheets Manufacturer – Company had about 223 different labels printed. Quantities vary, so they had 223 different press runs. I suggested that they run 18 different labels together grouping similar quantities. Now have 14 different printing jobs. They were very pleased with my idea. Saved printing cost and there administrative time.

A Recession Slow Down – Considering laying off people.  Did not want to do that. Suggested that since they had a standard product, they could produce product, and put the product in inventory. 2 weeks later, they told me that they made a large loan (too many zeros for me), and would try my suggestion. 9 months went by, and suddenly the market started to heat up. They received a lot of orders because they
had inventory, there competitors did not. They made a lot of money.

Cancer Center – Every printing job that comes up, they ask me what I think about the job, etc. I made a few suggestions, and do not know which suggestion was good because they did not tell me. It must have been good, because they took me to dinner as a thank you.

Pennsylvania Presidential – Primary Materials, Received a call on the Wednesday before primary day. Wanted 84,000 palm cards 4/4 bleed printed, delivered Friday afternoon – just 2 days production time.

Local Brewing Company – Company bought 6,000,000 labels at $.10/ea. Looking at the label noticed they printed a small area in foil. I suggested that if the foil was eliminated they could save approximately $300,000.00. They liked my idea, so much, that they changed the label!

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